Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Free Music: NBG's Guide To Free Music

I come bearing gifts...*oprah voice* you get a mixtape, You get a mixtape, YOU GET A MIXTAPE! *the audience goes wild*

Evin Amiri is a member of the Grammy Nominated Stellar Award winning group 21:03. With the release of his "A Prelude to Freedom Music" mixtape, he began carving a lane all his own, blending the genre's of Gospel, CCM, PoP, and RnB seamlessly. His latest release "Freedom Music" only serves to further the sound he's developing. With poignant, transparent lyrics, and sweeping melodies, the listener is sure to be captivated by the passion and energy emanating from his voice. 

Jor'Dan Armstrong is innovative, mesmerizing and quickly being hailed as a musical phenomenon. As a recognized and highly sought after vocalist, producer and songwriter, Armstrong has revolutionized the genre of Gospel music by creating a sound that is infused with energy along with melodies and lyrics that are unforgettable, timeless and powerful. His music and ministry has touched the lives of countless people.

One listen to Lecrae, and it is unashamedly evident that he has a worldview not commonly found in popular Hip Hop. From the south side of Houston, to a major platform in the movement of urban reform, a rocky road provides a window into the grace he experienced through out his life--with every situation molding him into the artist and leader he is today. 

Onitsha, who laughingly refers to herself as "an L.A. girl, all the way," was indeed born in Los Angeles and lived there her first ten years, at which time her parents divorced and she moved to Oklahoma, where her mother attended Bible college, until she was 15 and relocated, again and for good, to her original and-still home.

Onitsha came into the world as the newest entry into a long lineage of great singers, inheriting that same gift for music herself. Singing as long as she can remember, she in fact made her formal debut when she was three years old in a church musical production.

Known for his passionate lyricism, catchy hooks, musical beats and commanding stage presence, The Voice reveals a different side of life and Hip Hop in comparison to many of his peers. He accomplishes this by tackling the tougher issues of life in a way that is raw but yet positive.  This once battle rapper has traded in his venomous word play and golden era beats for a more mature radio sound that is intent on encouraging the listener and pointing him or her to God.


You can also visit and for free downloads of songs by various artists.  

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