Saturday, March 3, 2012

Coming Soon: Smokie Norful - Once In A Lifetime (in stores 04.03.12)

Pulling from a decade of hits, Smokie Norful delivers a Once In A Lifetime musical journey.  These songs not only tell a story, they each have significant meaning to life.  Within our personal journeys we each encounter love, hope, fear, sadness, and joy.  By taking this musical journey, you experience songs that truly touch the heart, reminding you that God has His hand perfectly positioned and guiding us, giving us the strength to endure.  It is a journey, as is life, and for each of us that journey is... Once In A Lifetime.

Peep the cover and track list:

1.  Once In a Lifetime
2.  I Need You Now
3.  No One Else
4.  God Is Able
5.  I Understand
6.  Justified
7.  Um Good
8.  In The Middle
9.  Dear God (Live Version)
10. Still Say Thank You
11. Where Would I Be
12. Run Til I Finish
13. Nothing Without You
14. Don’t Quit
15. Celebrate

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