Sunday, January 1, 2012

Free Music: High Society Collective - Circa MMXI: The Collective

Happy New Year! Who wants to start the year off with FREE MUSIC?! Before I tell you about it, lemme thank all of you for every email, tweet and FB status message showing love to NBG. I appreciate it! I always say I'm quitting at the end of every year... and here we are entering year 13. lol ... like Dorinda, I'm still here and it's by the grace of gawdt! *quickens* lol Aight... here's my first 2012 post



HiSoc is a collective of individuals (Sho Baraka, Swoope, J.R. & Suzy Rock) who share a common desire to create music, literature, videos, graphic designs and fashion that is both excellent and culture shaping. We High! in a society with low standards.

 Download Circa MMXI: The Collective