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Single Watch: Kevin Terry & Predestined - Hold On

Kevin Terry & Predestined - Live - in stores 07.12.11 on Kingdom Music Group
First Single: Hold On  - in rotation on NBG Radio
Most critics say that men in their early twenties lack direction, motivation and perseverance, but God implanted something special in Minister Kevin Terry, a.k.a. "The Music Pastor". He is the anointed and multi-talented founder of the Washington, DC community based gospel choir, Kevin Terry and Predestined.

Formed in 2002, Kevin Terry and Predestined is comprised of charismatic young adults who strive to be Christ-like; affecting and changing the lives of people of all races, cultures and backgrounds by simply leading them to Christ through song.

The group started out as a young adult community choir by the name of Anointed Praise when Terry was 17yrs old. "I was inspired by a group of college students who wanted to restore the era of aggressive "church choir" music while still relating to the issues and crisis of the young adult community," Terry says. These music ministers have developed into phenomenal vocal prowesses who engage in authoritative, eclectic, and at times even playful, praise. An encounter with Kevin Terry and Predestined leaves the listener amazed and inspired with no choice but to be ushered into a realm of sincere worship and praise.

The electrifying presence of the group has afforded them numerous opportunities for national exposure backing some of gospel music's leading recording artists such as Byron Cage, Youthful Praise, Ricky Dillard, John P. Kee, Professor James Hall, Earnest Pugh, Tye Tribbett, and Steven McCoy.

Music ministry is a dream come true for Kevin Terry after having tried and failed. But to Kevin and Christ believers that is known as 'process'. "I've had many strongholds and afflictions in my life, but the Lord has and is still delivering me out of them all," Terry testifies. "I've had to learn how to trust Him and war for my purpose and destiny by effectively using the Word of God to counteract every attack from the enemy. I promised the Lord that if He would save my life I would live for Him and serve Him with my whole heart FOREVER!"

In 2004, with much prayer and fasting, Minister Terry returned to the gospel music scene and restructured his entire music ministry including changing the name to Kevin Terry and Predestined.

"I have been anointed to lead and shepherd. I have a true heart for the people as pastors should," explains Terry. "I run my rehearsals like church services and I call my singers my "Church Choir" because we apply the element of Sunday morning church to every performance." Terry continues, "I believe that anointing destroys yokes and I am more concerned about soul winning in my artistry, than performance."

Their power-packed debut project KEVIN TERRY AND PREDESTINED LIVE is creating a platform for this group that will enable them to impact a nation and the world. The project is released via Kingdom Music Group label with distribution through Central South Distribution.

KEVIN TERRY AND PREDESTINED LIVE boasts special appearances by dynamic female vocalist Juanita Contee (Jonathan Nelson & Purpose) and singer, songwriter and emerging Praise & Worship artist Jarmel Evans. Terry believes and exemplifies on this project that music is created to be felt, not just heard and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ should be evident in the presentation. From the worshipful ballads, to the good ole fashioned church praise, this collection of music has an anointing on every song.

"I want every listener to feel encouraged and empowered with hope, and clearly hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ," enlightens Terry. "I believe that every song should be scripturally sound and the word should do the work." And rooted in the scriptures it is:

"Hold On" is based on Galatians 6:9 is a song of victory that encourages the believer to never give up and never give in but HOLD ON to God. Sometimes people give up on God and their blessings prematurely and they let go because they don't see a way or provision being made. Hold on is a chant of victory encouraging them to KEEP HOLDING ON and be strong because at the end of the test is Victory!

"God Above" is taken from Psalm 121 is a message of love, redemption, salvation and encouragement to the believer that God is our helper and everything. It encourages them to not to look people, or materials for help but to God knowing your help comes from him

"Great is the Day" is derived from John 3:16 and 2 Corinthians 5:21 delivers the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the death, burial, and resurrection of our savior. This is a song of gratitude to Christ for his redemptive, selfless, gruesome sacrifice on the cross. Its purpose is to witness to the unbeliever that Christ was slain for our sin so that we may live, and remind the believer it should have been us to suffer but he was the substitute, which makes us eternally grateful.

"Revealed" was written with Romans 8:18 in mind as a message of hope and encouragement to the believer that the suffering they are enduring won't be compared to the glory God is going to reveal in us. This song is designed to release the people from a defeated mindset and assure them that all you are enduring right now isn't because God is angry or wants you to suffer, but it's because he wants to use you to show his glory.

KEVIN TERRY AND PREDESTINED LIVE is a powerful and timely album. Terry's mission is to promote righteous living is an immutable spiritual force that exerts and exercises continuous, decisive influence on both the natural and spiritual worlds. "This album will help people see that in God they can be transformed by the renewing of their minds," enlightens Terry. "Listeners will realize the power they posses to shatter the strongholds of the enemy. Households, neighborhoods, and cities will be radically changed forever."

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